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Many terabytes of (unpublished) data and other information is available in the office in Wageningen and Kampen. Much more information published in scientific (peer reviewed) papers can be found behind paying walls. And of course the internet with our old friend 'google' who has indexed more 50 billion pages worldwide. Hence, an true abundance of information. If we zoom in, in the (complex) world of Food (technology) and Health we must however conclude that 'more info' does not automatically mean 'beter knowledge'. A scientist recently quoted "For some people the tribe is more important that the truth; for the best scientists, the truth is more important than the tribe”. Science and knowledge is not about average opinions, nor about wisdom of the crowed. A true scientist is humble and curious. The more a scientist know, the more he must realize that there is so much more to investigate.

The AgriFoodWiki (AFW) is founded by Wouter de Heij (Food4Innovations and CEO of TOP), with the purpose to structure his own (personal) information and data. The second purpose of the AFW is to provide a single science entrance on the internet about Food and Agri Technology and share this -factual and science correctly- repository with colleagues, employees and students worldwide. The overal objective of AFW is to provide 'pure' information and avoid to publish alternative facts and/or opinions. The latter will be the big challenge. The combination of a) abundance of information, b) less time of well educated scientists, c) more citizens with 'opinions', makes it difficult to judge between true and false.