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Food Processing deals the question 'how to make food and beverage' safe and cost-effectively. The domain covers individual processing machines (mechanical engineering), the design and realization of full production lines (including ICT) and the design of full production facilities (factories). The domain is covered into three major technology domains. a) food processing (structuring, mixing, cooking, etc.), c) Preservation Technologies to ensure that foods are safe and have sufficient shelf-life and d) packaging technologies (including AMAP, Robots, etc.).

General info about Food Processing Technologies (FPT)

  • Link to Process Technologies with English written information.
  • List with other Engelstalige PT sources (under construction)

Algemene Informatie over Levensmiddelen Proces Technologie (LPT)

  • Link naar Proces Technologie met Nederlandse talige informatie.
  • Lijst met andere Nederlandstalig LPT bronnen (under construction)